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Elementary Teaching Plans

While exploring the ideas of comfort and safety, learners embark on a process of experimental free-form weaving. They use a variety of materials to construct their own nests and the creatures who occupy them. Then they respond in 2D media to the prompt, “When your creature leaves the nest, where do they go?

What do they do?”

3rd grade

In this unit, students get to construct their own play scapes. They imagine and create creatures, looking at alebrijes for inspiration. Then they learn about real world ecosystems and build their own habitats for their creatures. They become naturalists as they draw the worlds they've designed. We read Kenesha Sneed's Many Shapes of Clay and explore the social emotional lives of our creatures and ourselves.



Students explore seeing situations from different points of view and practice thinking flexibly. They imagine what objects would say if they could speak, watch a video version of Istvan Banyai's Zoom, and make diptychs showing two perspectives on a situation. Then they shift perspectives through an experimental collaboration with a partner. At the end of the unit, students are invited to build on a past artwork to make a new "Wow" artwork that they can put extra care and effort into.

4th and 5th grade

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