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High School Teaching Plans

In this unit learners explore real and imagined relationships, possibly blurring real and imagined. It is clear from the beginning that we are going far beyond romantic relationships. We welcome relationships with and among creatures, places, objects, ideas, family, neighbors, enemies, heroes, etc. We start by experimenting with ways of showing relationships and then move into experimenting with media as we prepare for creating more completed artworks. The unit culminates in each student making two works, one portraying a “close-up” of a relationship, and one "macromap" showing how many relationships are intertwined. Students may instead choose to illustrate a relationship from two or more perspectives.

We start by honing our sketching skills as we experiment with drawing a variety of characters. We draw from wooden models, we copy cartoons, we build characters out of basic shapes. We playfully collaborate on exquisite corpse characters. Then we each write a 6 word memoir about ourself, a famous person, or someone we know, and put all our memoirs in a special bag. Each student selects a 6 word memoir at random and and uses it as inspiration for their final character design. This unit is an opportunity to explore the idea of identity and how different aspects of identities can be expressed visually.

In what ways can we work together to make

a work of art?

What are the challenges and benefits of collaborating?

How does it feel to share our process with

one another?

In what ways can we combine a variety of materials/media?

How can we express many aspects of

one subject?

As learners work with a multiplicity of collaborators, materials, and subjects, and explore the diverse layers surrounding a topic meaningful to them, they will discover new textures, styles, and processes, and contend with coexistence.


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